All Saints Anglican Church is a member of the Anglican Province of America in the Diocese of the Eastern United States
The Most Reverend Walter H. Grundorf: Presiding and Diocesan Bishop
The Right Reverend Chandler (Chad) Holder Jones, SSC, Bishop Suffragen
The Right Reverend William (Bill) Perkins, Bishop Suffragen

Last updated - March 10, 2018.

- All Saints Anglican Church is located in Homestead Village near the intersection of Rt. 29 (Marietta Avenue) and Rt. 741(Rohrerstown Road).

Homestead Village is just two blocks east of rt. 721 on rt. 29. Turn onto Apostle Way. Continue on Apostle Way - it will turn left and loop around the Homestead Village building. In the back, near the dining room entrance is guest parking. Go into the entrance there (it will not have our church sign but after you enter you will see our church sign just down the hall. Ask anyone who works there were is Burkholder Chapel. They will help you.

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